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Out Of The Fire

Harry Potter RPG
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Welcome to Out of the Fire

This is an RPG based on the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. It is set in Harry and his friends' Seventh Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
At the end of Harry's Sixth Year, Voldemort and his Death Eaters launched an attack on Hogsmeade in which many students of Hogwarts were involved. The attack resulted in the deaths of one Hogwarts student – Ravenclaw Prefect, Anthony Goldstein – and of Rubeus Hagrid.
There has been no sign of Voldemort since the attack, and Hogwarts is sinking into an uneasy peace.
But how long will it last?

This game consists of three members only communities: out_of_the_fire, for private owls and IC posting; ootf_rp, for the players to post RP logs and for RP threads; ootf_ooc, a friends-locked community for players-only.


  • We would prefer all applicants to be at least fifteen years of age. This rule will, however, be waived if applicants show considerable maturity both of character and of writing abilities.
  • Stay as true to your character's canon as possible. This means that, while it is perfectly acceptable to adapt your character to how you see that character, that does not mean that you can make your Hermione into a sex kitten, or your Malfoy into the sort of boy who holds doors open for people.
  • Correct spelling and grammar at all times, please. This rule is slightly flexible depending on your character – Goyle doesn't need to capitalise every word or use commas and semi-colons correctly, but Padma Patil does. If you want to play a Ravenclaw but can't construct a sentence properly, then this RPG is not for you.
  • Players must post in their journals a minimum number of once every two weeks. Any less than this and a warning will be issued – a player will be given two warnings before being dismissed from the game. However, a half-warning will also be issued if the player only ever posts once every two weeks – players are expected to participate in the game as much as possible. Mods must be informed if for some reason a player will be unable to post for a prolonged length of time.
  • Entries should be written from a first person POV at all times. Rps and character ficlets to be written in third person.
  • All forms of relationships are welcome – slash, het, etc. We ask, however, that all logs are labelled appropriately with warnings and a rating, and that the relationships stay true to character. A relationship between Harry and Draco is only feasible if there is actual plot leading up to it.
  • Try to keep the RPG from becoming too ship-orientated. We understand that lots of people want to join RPGs in order to act out their OTPs, but we would prefer all ships to involve real, thought out plot.
  • Although we would like players to be able to plan their own plots, all major plot arcs must be run past the mods for approval before being put into effect.
  • A maximum number of two characters per player, please.
  • Members must make sure to use all of the communities appropriately.


Please send all completed applications to siobhanohare@livejournal.com, with Out of the Fire Application: [character name] as the subject of the e-mail.
Applications for canon characters only. OC's will not be accepted. To see the list of taken characters go here. Please do not apply for any character/s who are not listed.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Personal livejournal: [url, please]
  • MSN Messenger contact: [msn is needed for the game, although a personal account isn't mandatory beforehand]
  • Yahoo!Messenger contact: [if applicable]
  • How often you feel you will usually be able to post:
  • Past RPG experience, if any: [Character journal/s and url to RPG, please]
  • Why you are applying: [what makes you suitable to play this character?]

!About Your Character

Please be as specific as possible – we need to see that you know your character. A sample application can be seen here

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • House:
  • Bloodline&Background: [pure, half, muggle]
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Sexuality:
  • Anything else: [eg, wand type, pet/familiar, boggart, patronus, favourite things, etc...]

  • Sample entry: [100-500 words, preferably. Students: the first entry of the year (eg, start of term feast, train ride, etc). Adults: whatever you feel is neccessary – you're adults, after all.]

A response to applications could take up to 14 days, so please be patient.